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Glass Splashbacks | Kitchen Splashbacks | Bathroom Splashbacks | Glass Balustrades | Stotfold, Bedfordshire

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Splashbacks of Distinction have a real passion for toughened glass in and around the home. We have transformed many properties, both commercial and domestic with our glass splashbacks, for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Our toughened glass balustrades, glass shelving and splashbacks with high resolution images have really caught the imagination of people who demand beauty and functionality in their homes and offices.

Stotfold is a rather quaint, small town and civil parish in Bedfordshire.

Stotfold is believed to have been given its name from the northern drovers, who broke their journey to the south at this point along the A1 Great North Road. When they stopped, they would house their horses in enclosures before continuing their journeys southwards. So how come Stotfold?

Stots and Folds

Many years ago, the drovers who moved animals over long distances to sell at various markets, would house their horses that were known as Stots when they stopped for the night. A Stot is an inferior breed of horse, although the term has fallen out of common usage now. The enclosure for the Stot was a fold, hence the name, Stotfold.

The River Ivel runs through the town of Stotfold and is a popular choice for many anglers. The Ivel has a very healthy stock of good condition and large fish, including barbel, perch, chub, roach, carp, and pike.

Stotfold: The Bedfordshire town with a Hertfordshire postcode

Because the town of Stotfold is close to the county border with Hertfordshire, it actually has a Stevenage postcode. In 2010 there was a vigorous campaign to have Stotfold absorbed into North Hertfordshire District Council.

Stotfold Watermill

Stotfold Watermill stands on the banks of the River Ivel and is one of four mills in Stotfold that were recorded in the now famous Domesday Book. It is the only working mill left in Stotfold and is now designated as a grade II listed watermill. This particular Stotfold mill was fully restored after sadly being burnt down on 15th December 1992. The mill opened to the public in May 2006 with the formal opening taking place October 2006 followed shortly after by a visit from the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh on 17 November 2006. It has a 4.4 metre wide overshot corn mill waterwheel which is the widest one of its kind in the country and is currently open to the public with a tea room on alternate weekends from March to October and on special event weekends. The Stotfold mill is a charity run by the Stotfold Mill Preservation Trust. All money that is raised is used for the continual upkeep and restoration of this historic mill and of the local Stotfold area. Its major fundraiser is the annual Stotfold Mill Steam and Country Fair which takes place in May and attracts many thousands of visitors. In 2010, the event raised approximately £20,000.

Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve

As stated above, the Grade II listed Stotfold Mill is of early 19th Century construction with late 19th Century additions and alterations.

The mill itself stands in a glorious eight acre nature reserve with plantings of native trees, hedges and a wildflower meadow. Ponds of varying depths benefit visiting birds, insects and amphibians with living willow hides and a pond dipping platform. There is a much loved one mile walk with a wide grass path which meanders through the picturesque meadows and along the riverside. There are useful signposts and information panels positioned at various points around the walks with a shelter, benches and picnic tables at various points. What better way to enjoy a relaxing day out in Stotfold?

Children love to explore the Stotfold nature reserve

You children will love the fascinating adventure to the Nature Reserve and you will love the educational aspect of the walk. Here they can discover all the secret places where our visiting and native wildlife may be hiding. They can watch the ducks and swans on the River Ivel and if they are lucky enough, they will get to see muntjac deer, squirrels, kingfishers and several birds of prey.

St Mary's Church in Stotfold

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin dates to about 1150 but was probably preceded by a series of wooden Saxon churches on the same site. The ancient church is built of flint with Ashwell stone dressings to the buttresses and is mainly in the Early Perpendicular style. In about 1450 the tower was added and the chancel widened and it is believed that the baptismal font also dates from this time and is octagonal and panelled. The Stotfold church not only provides a place of worship for the local people of Stotfold, it draws in many tourists interested in the historic background of this wonderful old church.

In about 1824 a good deal of work was carried out at the church which included plastering the roof of the north aisle and replacing both the mediaeval carvings and the 400 year-old pews, the latter being done by local contractor William Seymour of Arlesey. Unfortunately, some of the churches history was erased at this time, as the old paintings that were once on the walls were either destroyed or whitewashed over.

The Stotfold Riot

The Stotfold riot although apparently an isolated incident was in fact part of the much larger Swing disturbances which started in Kent and happened mainly throughout the second half of 1830. They became known Swing riots or disturbances because of the many letters sent at that time to landowners signed by the mysterious name 'Captain Swing'. These letters were threatening arson and the destruction of farm machinery. These sporadic outbreaks of violence and lawlessness were considered at the time to be a labourer's revolt. It was believed that they labourers were upset about labour saving devices and machinery that could take work away from them.

Farm fires began at Orpington early in June and by the end of September twenty had been reported in the district around Bromley, Sevenoaks and Orpington. The first of the labour saving threshing machines was destroyed near Canterbury on 28th August. The breaking of these machines was to become the main feature of the unrest and police treated any damage of such farm machinery as the modus operandi of these revolting labourers.

By the third week in October something like a hundred machines were reported destroyed mainly in East Kent. By the end of the month the farm labourers of Kent had begun to assemble together in large numbers to demand higher rates of pay. Attempts were also made to reduce rents and tithes and sometimes taxes too.

The incidents of violence and criminal damage had spread to Sussex by early November and by the end of the month more or less the whole of southern and eastern England was affected. It should be stressed that not all towns and villages were involved in the lawless antics of the rioting labourers. In some counties there were many acts of lawlessness and damage to machinery, but either none, or very few in others.

Bedfordshire was one of the last counties to become caught up in the troubles. Most of the shire remained relatively untroubled. No threshing machines were broken but one or two stacks were set alight and there were two riots. The more alarming one was the one at Stotfold on the 1st and 2nd December and the other at Flitwick four days later. By the end of the year the "Swing" riots had pretty much died out, though the sporadic burning of hay stacks and barns continued to be a serious problem for several years to come.

Splashbacks of Distinction are available to visit your Stotfold home to measure up and fit a quality glass splashback or one of our other toughened glass products. Glass is such a clean and modern medium for your home and you'd be surprised just how much glass can transform your home.

Splashbacks of Distinction supply the following splashback products in Stotfold, Bedfordshire

  • Glass kitchen splashbacks
  • Glass kitchen splashback samples
  • Glass kitchen splashbacks in many different colours
  • Printed glass splashbacks
  • Colour matched splashbacks
  • Painted splashbacks

Splashbacks of Distinction also supply the following glass products in Stotfold, Bedfordshire

  • Stainless steel and glass Balustrades
  • Glass shelves
  • Coloured mirrors
  • Toughened mirrors
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass hardware
  • Glass worktops
  • Glass shower cubicle
  • Garden glass balustrades
  • Glass staircases
  • Glass table tops
  • Satin glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Opaque glass

Splashbacks of Distinction also supply the following glass related services in Stotfold, Bedfordshire

  • Glass cut to size
  • Mirrors cut to size while you wait
  • Glass processing
  • Glass supply and installation
  • Supply only splashbacks
  • A glass express service
  • Template and fit

Only the finest quality from Splashbacks of Distinction

Splashbacks of Distinction ensure that only the finest quality toughened glass is used in all our products. We guarantee all of our work and are fully insured. We employ only trained and certified engineers. Splashbacks of Distinction never leave your property without ensuring you are totally satisfied with your beautiful new glass splashback, baluster, shelving or shower enclosure.

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