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Glass Splashbacks | Kitchen Splashbacks | Bathroom Splashbacks | Glass Balustrades | Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Splashbacks of Distinction have a real passion for toughened glass in and around the home. We have transformed many properties, both commercial and domestic with our glass splashbacks, for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Our toughened glass balustrades, glass shelving and splashbacks with high resolution images have really caught the imagination of people who demand beauty and functionality in their homes and offices.

About Aylesbury

Aylesbury is the beautiful county town of Buckinghamshire and administrative town of the Aylesbury Vale district in the outskirts of the London commuter belt. Its urban area in 2011 includes Bierton, Fairford Leys, Stoke Mandeville and Watermead and had an overall population of 74,748 whereas the town, a civil parish and town council had in 2011 a population of 58,740.

Some Aylesbury history

The name of Aylesbury is of Old English origin. Its first recorded name AEglesburgh is thought to mean 'Fort of AEgel', even though the identity of AEgel was not recorded the fact that he had a fort, probably meant that he was the local lord or powerful land owner. It is also possible that AEgeles-burh, the settlement's Saxon name, means church-burgh, from the Welsh word eglwys meaning a church.

Excavations in the centre of Aylesbury in 1985 discovered an Iron Age hill fort dating from the early 4th century BC. Aylesbury was one of the strongholds of the ancient Britons, from whom it was taken in the year 571 by Cutwulph, brother of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons; and had a fortress or castle of some significant importance, from which it probably derives its Saxon name.

Aylesbury: Market town and pilgrims destination

Aylesbury was a major market town during Anglo-Saxon times, as well as being the burial place of Saint Osgyth, whose shrine attracted many pilgrims. The Early English parish church of St. Mary has a crypt beneath. Once thought to be Anglo-Saxon, it is now accepted as being of the same period as the medieval chapel sited above. At the Norman Conquest, the king took the manor of Aylesbury for himself, and it is listed as a royal manor in the Domesday Book of 1086. Some lands in Aylesbury were granted by William the Conqueror to citizens on the condition that the owners should provide straw for their new monarch's bed, sweet herbs for his toilet chamber and two green geese and three eels for his table, whenever he decided to visit Aylesbury.

Aylesbury and the War of the Roses

In 1450, a religious institution called the Guild of St Mary was founded in Aylesbury by John Kemp, the Archbishop of York. Known popularly as the Guild of Our Lady it became a celebrated meeting place for local dignitaries and a centre of political intrigue. The guild was considered to be influential in the final outcome of the Wars of the Roses. Its premises at the Chantry in Church Street, Aylesbury, are still there, though today it is used mainly for retail premises.

Aylesbury becomes the county town

Aylesbury was declared the new county town of Buckinghamshire in 1529 by King Henry VIII. Aylesbury Manor was among the many properties belonging to Thomas Boleyn, the father of the king's second and ill fated wife Anne Boleyn, and it is rumoured that the change was made by the King to gain favour with the family. A major outbreak of the great plague absolutely decimated the population of Aylesbury from 1603 to 1604.

Aylesbury played a significant part in the English Civil War when it became a stronghold for the Parliamentarian forces, like many market towns a nursing-ground of Puritan sentiment and in 1642 the Battle of Aylesbury was fought and won by the Parliamentarians. Its proximity to Great Hampden, home of John Hampden has made of Hampden a local hero: his silhouette was used on the emblem of Aylesbury Vale District Council and his statue stands proudly in the town centre. Aylesbury-born composer, Rutland Boughton, who lived from 1878 to 1960, possibly inspired by the statue of John Hampden, created a symphony based on Oliver Cromwell.

On 18 March 1664, Robert Bruce, 2nd Earl of Elgin in the Peerage of Scotland was created 1st Earl of Ailesbury. This person should not be confused with Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, who joined William Wallace in his fight against Edward the first of England.

The King of France and Aylesbury

The grade II listed Jacobean mansion of Hartwell adjoining the southwest of the town was the residence of Louis XVIII during his exile from his French homeland from 1810 to 1814. Bourbon Street in Aylesbury is named after the French king. Louis's wife, Marie Josephine of Savoy died at Hartwell in 1810 and is the only French queen to have died on English soil. After her death, her body was carried first to Westminster Abbey, and one year later to Sardinia, where the Savoy King of Sardinia had withdrawn during Napoleonic occupation of Turin and Piedmont; she is buried in the Cathedral of Cagliari.

The culinary greatness of Aylesbury

Aylesbury's heraldic crest displays the Aylesbury duck, which has been bred in the area since the start of the Industrial Revolution, although only one breeder of true Aylesbury ducks remains today. The export of true Aylesbury duck to fine restaurant kitchens around the world has been restricted owing to the lack of breeders remaining in existence.

The Great Train Robbers come to Aylesbury

Aylesbury received international publicity in 1963 when the gang responsible for the Great Train Robbery were tried at Aylesbury Rural District Council Offices in Walton Street and sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court. The robbery took place at Bridego Bridge, a railway bridge at Ledburn, about six miles from Aylesbury.

A celebration of art in Aylesbury

James Henry Govier, the renowned British painter and etcher, lived at Aylesbury and produced a number of impressive works relating to the town including the church, canal, Walton, Aylesbury Gaol, the King's Head Inn and views of the town during the 1940s and 1950s, examples of which can be seen in the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury itself.

Splashbacks of Distinction recently fitted an extensive bathroom enclosure in toughened glass in Aylesbury for a client. The enclosure went around the bath, a separate shower and another area for drying off. We even lined the walls of the wet area with toughened tinted glass to give the whole room a rather space aged and clean look.

Our client was over the moon with the end result and we have since had three more enquiries from friends and neighbours of our client. We are now looking forward to spending a bit more time in Aylesbury.

Splashbacks of Distinction are available to visit your Aylesbury home to measure up and fit a quality glass splashback or one of our other toughened glass products. Glass is such a clean and modern medium for your home and you'd be surprised just how much glass can transform your home.

Splashbacks of Distinction supply the following splashback products in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

  • Glass kitchen splashbacks
  • Glass kitchen splashback samples
  • Glass kitchen splashbacks in many different colours
  • Printed glass splashbacks
  • Colour matched splashbacks
  • Painted splashbacks

Splashbacks of Distinction also supply the following glass products in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

  • Stainless steel and glass Balustrades
  • Glass shelves
  • Coloured mirrors
  • Toughened mirrors
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass hardware
  • Glass worktops
  • Glass shower cubicle
  • Garden glass balustrades
  • Glass staircases
  • Glass table tops
  • Satin glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Opaque glass

Splashbacks of Distinction also supply the following glass related services in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

  • Glass cut to size
  • Mirrors cut to size while you wait
  • Glass processing
  • Glass supply and installation
  • Supply only splashbacks
  • A glass express service
  • Template and fit

Only the finest quality from Splashbacks of Distinction

Splashbacks of Distinction ensure that only the finest quality toughened glass is used in all our products. We guarantee all of our work and are fully insured. We employ only trained and certified engineers. Splashbacks of Distinction never leave your property without ensuring you are totally satisfied with your beautiful new glass splashback, baluster, shelving or shower enclosure.

Further Information

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